Volume 3 Issue 5 Articles
  • Volume 3 Issue 5 Articles
easibilities of the puncture Surgical Technique: mini Review
The conception and technique of the puncture surgical procedures has been a debated topic in odontology in recent years. This paper consists of a mini review of the literature on the market on puncture surgical technique.
Integrative Management of Acute and surgical Dental Pain
Pain management gone wrong may be a national downside. There isactually a pandemic of pain medication abuse and addiction anddentistry is actually a part of that issue.
Oral Health, Diseases, Examination, Diagnosis, Treatment arrange &Mouth Preparation
The study enclosed five hundred patients with a minimum of one amalgam filling World Health Organization attended the clinic for routine dental treatments. information were gathered employing a single-page form The queries on the shape associated with age
Intrusion and Lateral shift of Permanent Incisors in medicine Patient Secondary to Dental Trauma: Case Report
Intrusion injuries, tho' thought-about rare in permanent dentition, ar seen additional oftentimes in paediatric patients. This case concerned an11-year-old male World Health Organization severely intruded and luxated teeth #7 and #8. The aim of this case report is to review protocols taken to treat this severe dental trauma and to enhance procedures for severe traumas within the future.
Prosthetic Rehabilitation of the toothless jaw with two-Implants preserved Overdenture mistreatment Ball Attachments: A Case Repor
Edentulous patients have been treated with conventional complete maxillary and mandibular dentures as a primary treatment modality. Suitable complete maxillary dentures are usually well tolerated but many patients struggle to chew and swallow with the complete mandibular denture because it is too unstable.