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Developing 21st Century Skills through Problem Based Learning in Online Environments
More than just literacy and numeracy abilities are necessary to thrive in the modern world (Bourn, 2018; Care et al., 2016; Lai & Viering, 2012). Indeed, according to Care et al. (2016), essential 21st-century talents include creativity, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving....
Date: Nov 18 2022, Open Access
A Preliminary Checklist of the Avian Fauna from the Indian state of Assam’s Raimona National Park
Birds perform several crucial ecological tasks, including pollination, seed distribution, pest management, and nutrient dynamics. They are also excellent indicators of the health of an ecosystem in a landscape...
Date: October 08 2022, Open Access
Rhodium (III) Estimation by Spectrophotometric Extraction Using a Novel Analytical Reagent
In the current study, a novel analytical reagent called 2, 4-dimethyl-3H-1, 5-benzodiazepine (DBA) is developed for extractive spectrophotometric analysis to determine the amount of rhodium (III) in an alloy mixture. In this study, a novel analytical reagent was investigated, and its characterisation using NMR, IR, and mass spectrometer techniques was also described. When subjected to an extraction...
Date: September 26 2022, Open Access
Socioeconomic research on coffee growers in Nepal’s Gulmi district
Coffee is a major plantation cash crop of hills of Nepal. Gulmi is one of the popular districts for coffee production and export in Nepal. This research is an attempt to assess the produc-tion potentiality and profitability of coffee in Gulmi district. This study was carried out in four rural municipalities...
Date: August 16 2022, Open Access
Effect of varied nitrogen levels on yield and yield qualities of several rice types under DDSR conditions in Kanchanpur, Nepal
From March 2021 to July 2021, an experiment on the impact of various nitrogen levels on the production and yield characteristics of various rice cultivars was done at Kanchanpur, Nepal. Two parameters, nitrogen levels and rice varieties, ...
Date: July 12 2022, Open Access