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Variant periodic fever (VPF) is a rare syndrome characterized by episodes of recurrent fever with multiple constitutional symptoms.
Diagnostic criteria for periodic fever, aphthous inflammation, inflammatory disease, and cervical redness syndrome (PFAPA) are challenged, leading to imply compartmentalization. we tend to explore the explanation and treatment response among PFAPA and incomplete periodic fever variants...
Date: April 01 2022, Open Access
A Case Study and Justification for Transcervical Diverticulectomy
Killian-Jamieson herniation (KJD) could be a rare kind of cervical musculature herniation. It originates inferior to the cricopharyngeal muscle and lateral to the longitudinal muscle of the gorge, and is closely related to the repeated vocal organ nerve (RLN)...
Date: February 11 2022, Open Access
Ortner’s syndrome is a very unusual illness caused by a ruptured idiopathic pulmonary artery aneurysm (IPAA).
The Ortner’s syndrome or cardiovocal syndrome is associate uncommon entity characterised by huskiness because of left perennial speech organ nerve dysfunction caused by identifiable upset. the foremost common conditions which can result in Ortner’s syndrome....
Date: January 21 2022, Open Access
Evaluate percutaneous endoscopic transcanal cartilage myringoplasty as a postauricular incision- free treatment for STMP
Our aim is to judge transcanal scrutiny approach in repair of subtotal eardrum perforation in a very trial to stop typical postaural approach. Our study was exhausted eighty patients with unilateral dry subtotal membrane perforations. They were forty four males and thirty six females. Their ages ranged from 18-50 years...
Date: December 01 2021, Open Access
HPV Causes Head and Neck Cancer
Human papillomavirus (HPV) - associated head ANd neck epithelial cell cancer (HNSCC) is an entity with distinctive clinical and molecular characteristics, that primarily arises from the palatine tonsils and base of the tongue. Nowadays, bodily cavity cancers ar increasing in incidence despite declining prevalence of smoking....
Date: November 11 2021, Open Access